Outdoor, Camping, Trekking, Walking, Hiking, Climbing

Our Multi-Functional Socks are engineered for superior moisture management and long-lasting comfort, keeps your feet dry and cool in warmer conditions:

  • Dry Touch: (Antimicrobial)
  • Sanitized: Hygiene function brings more comfort and well-being into your everyday life. It upgrades the value of the product.
  • Aloe Vera Finish: Antibacterial
  • Bamboo: Naturally soft, Allergy reduced, Thermal regulating, Absorbs moisture, Breathable, Anti-bacterial, UV-Protectionability.
  • Bio Cotton: Chemical and pesticide free cotton.
  • Non Mulesed Wool: Mulesing-free wool or non-mulsed wool is wool that comes from sheep that have not been mulsed. Mostly non-mulsed wool comes from Argentine and South Africa…
  • Thermolite: high performance sock designed for high energy activities in cold temperatures. Knit with fibres that keep your feet warm while also keep your feet dry from sweat..
  • Max Havelaar: Fairtrade