Eko Zilver Branded Textiles Products

slide1-1newTextile products produced with Eko Zilver brand, combine the comfort of cotton/modal yarn with polyamide fiber technology that contains 99% pure silver permanently bound to its surface, and can be seen in the fabric of the product.Eko Zilver clothing knitted with silver fiber represents a healthy, comfortable and functional product line that is antibacterial; furthermore, highly prevents the odor of perspiration, increases the blood circulation therefore reduces edema, insulates the static electric collected in the body, keeps the body warm during cold but cool during hot weather so reduces perspiration, and even provides very good electromagnetic protection.Silver fiber technology kills 99.9% of more than 400 di erent types of bacteria, including MRSA and VMRSA, in less than 1 hour. All these functional properties will last as long as the lifetime of the product.



Prevents replication of bacteria and formation of fungi. Silver ions emitted by silver metal tears cell membrane of micro organisms, stick to their DNA and RNA structure and prevent them to replicate themselves. In this way, silver prohibits microbic activity. This is a non-chemical process. As a result, bacterias which might cause ulcers and infections on feet are removed.


ANTI-ODORPrevents unpleasant odor on your feet. Number of bacterias are initiative factor in formation of odor molecules. As silver ions prevent replication of bacteria, they stop unpleasant odor.