Eko Zilver – Seamless Pregnancy Underwear

Protection for your Baby and Yourself


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Code: 1000

Material Composition:

Silver Fiber 18%
Micro Modal 53%
Polyamide 20%
Elasthane 9%
  • Be protected from growth of bacteria and fungi during your pregnancy and feel confident of silver’s positive effects to decrease risk of miscarriages.
  • Let silver shield protect your baby from harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by cellular phones and other electronic / electrical devices that are used on a daily basis.

Our product contains silver knit which acts as a shield to protect your baby by reflecting back electromagnetic waves.

Besides providing electromagnetic protection from the beginning till the end of pregnancy, silver with its anti-bacterial property, inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi in gusset area, ensures protection against miscarriages due to bacterial and fungal activity.

Cellulosic fibre, Micro Modal provides to our product, a very soft touch, breathability and enough flexibility the till end of pregnancy.

  • This test is conducted in accordance with the MIL 285 and IEEE 299 standards. For more test result click here and here.
  • SE(dB) represents the value of the shielding effectiveness in logarithmic terms. % SE represents the value of the shielding efficiency in percentages and furthermore indicates the reduced amount of the electric field in percentages.
  • The values obtained by using the equation are also given in the following table. As can be seen in this table, a shielding efficiency to 35.50 dB implies that the electrical field is reduced to 99.88%.
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Pregnancy Underwear

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