Seamless Maternity Belly Bands

with an Exclusive Microfiber Belt for the Waist Seamless; Stretchable, Breathable. Microfiber Fabric


Code: 1000-0026


Code: 1000-0026

Code: 1000-0026.

Sizes: S,M,L,XL


Maternity belly bands are usually made of soft, light, stretching fabric that moves with your body, they make you feel warm and comfortable. They also offer an extra support for your heavier growing belly; some doctors even recommend to use them to lower the pressure to your lower back and abdominals.

They help to prevent and reduce low back pains and some mums even say it helps you to prevent pregnancy scars.
because of all the support it offers:

  • Integrated under tummy support band.
  • Back support panel
  • Tummy section expands for varying stages in pregnancy.
  • Breathable microfiber fabric

Sizing: is aligned with your pre-pregnancy size and stretches as you and your baby grow. Why do you need a Maternity Belly Band?

Maternity belly bands:

  • Saves your money by allowing you to use longer your pre-pregnancy clothes
  • Helps to prevent and reduce back pains during and after pregnancy
  • Gives your belly and back the support you needs during pregnancy
  • Helps to prevent and avoid pregnancy stretch marks
  • Helps you to look slimmer in your clothes
  • Keeps you comfortable and tight during pregnancy
  • It is un-noticed and you don’t have to worry for extending your belly