Seamless Maternity Brief with Wide Leg Design

– XL plus size –

Stretchable and breathable Microfiber Fabric

maternity-briefCode: 1000-0025

Code: 1000-0025


Small: fits pre-pregnancy sizes 2-4 USA

Medium: fits pre-pregnancy sizes 6-8 USA

Large: fits pre-pregnancy sizes 10-12 USA

X-large: fits pre-pregnancy sizes 14-16 USA


Designed for the active pregnant woman, this hot-pant style has a wide-legged opening for an incredibly comfortable fit and ease of movement during exercise (also perfect for a seamless slimming look under evening wear).

Eko Zilver Seamless Pregnancy Underwear

Code: 1000-0025-A

Competitive Advantages:

  • Our Maternity Belly Brief is used for fashion, coverage, and layering.
  • It can be used from the early stages of pregnancy to after your baby is born.
  •  When you need extra coverage on your large tummy,
  • wear the Expecting Comfort Maternity Belly Band at full length.
  • Our Belly Band will keep you covered up in both front and back.
  • Feel confident knowing you are covered.
  • Once baby has arrived don’t put away those bands or briefs.

The Expecting Comfort Maternity Belly Band will keep your tummy and back covered while breastfeeding.