Seamless Maternity Thong for pregnant Women

– Latex Free –

Seamless, Stretchable and breathable Microfiber Fabric

Eko Zilver Seamless pregnancy underwear2





Code: 1000-0024


SIZE :  S ,M,L, XL


Maternity Thong has the modern expectations of a seamless under garment that is equal in terms of functionality to the Maternity Briefs.


Offering softness with a stretchy fit to adapt to the changing body of the expectant Mum.


Giving support to areas that become overburdened by extra weight, whilst minimizing the onset of allergies and bacterial infections of the skin.


To preserve the skins natural elasticity, and helps prevent sagging of the skin and muscle tissue.


Distributes body weight properly to reduce fatigue and maintain a good posture.


Code: 1000-0024

Eko Zilver Seamless pregnancy underwear3