Medical Compression Active-Line

Compression Class: I (18-21 mm HG)

………Feel the Comfort of “MERYL Skinlife Fiber”


Compression Active – Line

Active Line products are intended for the prevention of varicose veins of lower limbs. Applied for  compression therapy, heavy and weary leg sensations and minor edemas in the shank area.


Another application area of these pdroducts is the prevention of varicose veins for  risk groups professions (work in standing position for long periods and weight lifting)


Especially recommended for daily usage by people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle for work, travelling, recreation and sports activities.


Special advantages:

  • The weaving technology provides hygroscopic properties and air permeability of the products.
  • The Active products contain the micro fibre MERYL SKINLIFE  with bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Due to the bacteriostatic component, the appearance of new bacteria is delayed, unpleasant smells are eliminated and an ideal level of biological comfort is supported.
  • Dynamic design, contrasted pattern and colour scheme ensured a modern external appearance

Compression Short Socks, unisex



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Compression Calf Tubes, ankle-length, unisex



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Compression Long Socks, ankle-length, with foot loops, unisex


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Compression Long Socks, unisex



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Compression Long Socks, unisex


Compression Long socks Unisex

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