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Suffering from Athletes Foot, Bad Odor or Foot Perspiration

Eko Zilver ® 10% Classic Short or Long Socks can help to put an end to this nasty problem. Unlike conventional socks.

The silver fibre in the sock is completely natural, non toxic and free of chemicals or pesticides.

The natural properties of Eko Zilver® Classic Short and Long Socks will eliminate 99,9% of bacteria within one  hour resulting in an instant reduction of foot odor.


Silver will enhance the evaporation of moisture and foot perspiration


Hyperhidrosis/Sweat), therefore dryer foot is created. Blisters and swollen skin can be prevented.

The natural silver fibre is fully effective whenever the foot is either dry, warm or wet from sweting.

Athletes Foot Is caused by “Mycosis” – an inflammatory condition created by a bacterial fungus.

This organism Mycosis (fungus) responsible for Athletes Foot will spread in any humid environment.

Mycotic infections are superficial and are generally limited to the outer layers of the foot and toe skin.

Natural Silver is anti-mycotic and will help destroy the living base by stopping the the bacterial fungus from breathing which kills the bacteria.

This is also achieved by the silver regulating the skin temperature, reducing perspiration, helping prevent further bacterial infections of the skin.

Eko Zilver® Classic Short and Long Socks are proven medical products, free from any hazardous substances tested to OEKOTEX 100 standard.

They are being applied in medical Podiatry, Dermatology, Diabetic Treatment and for Occupational Medical Purposes.

Also suitable to use for Dermatitis, Hyperhidrosis and Eczema.

Textile Content Short & Long Socks:
64% Combed Cotton
21% polyamide
10% Natural Silver Fibre
5% Elastane

Fighting athlete’s foot with conventional medication costs money and time.Tablets and pills have to be swallowed; crèmes and sprays have to be applied. Time is commonly spent every day in the effort to fight the problem.

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Silver Socks with natural silver fibre is the comfortable and new high technology method to fight athlete’s foot.
By wearing silver socks the bad foot odour will disappear, thanks to the temperature regulation and acceleration of moisture evaporation. The silver removes the base environment that the Athlete Foot bacteria needs to live which is cool and less than 33° with wet or moist skin. In general Athletes Foot can be completely terminated after 4 to 5 weeks.