Pregnancy Universal Belt For Expectant mothers


Code: 6020-9806


Product Description:

Designed to provide support to the lumbar spine and muscles of the abdomen and lower back during pregnancy.

Elasticated to allow comfortable wear, whilst supporting the areas of the body susceptible to pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

During pregnancy your centre of gravity shifts forward due to the weight of the baby, putting increased stress on the spine, ligaments and muscles of the lower back. Studies have shown that lower back pain is highly prevalent in pregnant women, as high as 72% in some studies (Mogren and Pohjanen, 2005)  Recommended for use during waking hours.

Adjustable velcro belt means it can be used during most stages of pregnancy, up until birth.

Avaialble in two colours: white , black

Please refer to sizing guide before purchasing.

Material composition: latex 42%, polyester 39% , cotton 19%

Reference: Mogren, I.M., Pohjanen, A.I. (2005). Low Back Pain and Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy:

Prevalence and Risk Factors. Spine, 30(8): 983-991.


Sizing Information:

Size b (cm)
1 XS 68-80
2 S 80-100
3 M-XL 100-120
4 XL

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