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Eko Zilver Multi-Functional T-Shirt

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MOQ 300pcs per color per size

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colors: military brown, olive green, silver grey, black
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Product Description

For Extreme Weather And Work Conditions

A Combination of X-Static Silver and CoolMax Fibers

An advanced Base Layer of X-Static silver fiber worn next to the skin, this non-bulky Base Layer System is anti-microbial , anti-odor, anti-static, thermodynamic and hydrodynamic , adding an extra clinical level of protection whereas the CoolMax Fiber absorb the perspiration optimally and wicks away it to the outside to evaporate and dries skin faster than any other fabric, helps in addition to have a cool and dry body feeling. It provides a comfortable body climate, even in extreme weather conditions or while exercising.

CoolMax is a low weight, wrinkle free and breathable material.

Clothing made with X-STATIC has been tested and demonstrated to eliminate 99.9% of micro-organisms in the garment, reducing microbial load and stain and deterioration control of the clothing.

*Used in the U.S. Military as part of their PCU (Protective Combat Uniform). Also used by Olympic athletics and NASA astronauts. X-static® silver fiber is permanently bonded with a layer of antimicrobial 99.9% pure metallic silver. Permanently inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.


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military brown, olive green, silver grey, black




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