Eko Zilver Multi-functional woman seamless slip

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MOQ 150pcs per color per size

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colors: white, black, pink, green, red, purple
Sizes: M,L,XL,XXL
Delivery Time : 30-45 days
Delivery Term: Ex-Warehouse, Neeritter, The Netherlands (For Free House Delivery please contact us )

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Product Description

Gusset area knitted with silver fiber.
•DURABLE ANTIBACTERIALprotection ability provided by pure silver fiber, which stops the formation of:

° virus, bacteria, fungi and microbes at a rate of 99.99 %.
• NATURAL SOLUTION that stops itching as it prevents the formation of fungi.
• Flexible SEAMLESS COMFORT, which does not show its contour on your clothing.
• ELEGANT LOOK due to its modern design.
• NATURAL composition enriched with Cotton.

Product washing and care
Silver fibre technology utilizes a layer of pure silver fibre which is permanently and irreversibly bonded to the surface fibre and has been tested for 250 washes without any loss or compromising of medical performance.

Silver fibre underwear garments are both comfortable to wear and enhanced by the smooth internal integrated seams.
These garments are durable and suitable for everyday wear. For successful treatment we recommend a daily change.

All the Eko Zilver products can be washed at 40°C with any similar colors and can be tumbled dried.
The overall garment appearance and shape will remain intact throughout everyday washing and wearing.
The pure Silver products have for many years been used for medical purposes in Dermatology, Podiatry, Occupational and Travel Health Care.


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White, Black, Pink, Green, Red, Purple




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