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Silver sock’s

10% Silver Classic Short and Long Socks

SILVER SOCKs made to individually fit YOUR actual SHOE SIZE

If you constantly have Cold Feet and Toes or suffering from Raynaud’s Disease, or having Chemotherapy Treatment then these 10% Silver Classic Short or Long Socks could be a dream come true as they are proven to help keep your Feet and Toes warmer.

Chemotherapy Treatment, Diabetes and Skin Infections

Where the pain of nerve damage to the feet and also toe ulcers can affect both genders of all ages. These Silver Classic Short or Long Socks can help where there is constant cold, numbness, tingling and pain whichcommonly affects feet and toes which can be extremely serious and dangerous.

Specialised Silver Classic Short or Long Socks

Manufactured from “Fine Combed Cotton and “Natural Silver” have superior ultra light stretch for improved fit and comfort allowing them to shape perfectly to the leg, ankle, foot and toes allowing complete freedom of movement. These properties help to provide medical benefits and natural healing which can help to ease any suffering and pain and also keep your legs and feet warmer.

Cold Feet

Natural pure silver minimizes heat loss from the legs and feet by actively reflecting over 95% of the body’s energy back to the skin. These socks contain natural pure silver and will keep your legs and feet much warmer when compared to conventional socks. Silver also stores the body’s heat, has a low radiant heat loss and therefore keeps your skin warmer.

Recommended by the Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association

Raynaud’s is a distressing condition in which the blood is temporarily prevented from reaching the toes. In its most severe form it is very painful, and in secondary Raynaud’s ulcerations may occur which may become gangrenous and lead to amputation. Scleroderma is a disease affecting the connective tissue. Scleroderma means hard skin but the hardness is not limited to the skin as the internal organs and their blood supply may become damaged. The cause is still unknown and treatment is inadequate.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Silver Classic Long Socks can Help
The incidence of Peripheral Neuropathy is not known with any degree of certainty but the symptoms are unique to each individual in terms of frequency and severity of pain which can have a significantly impact on an individual’s quality of daily life. Peripheral Neuropathy to the feet and toes can be caused by a variety of precipitating factors including Chemotherapy Treatment, Diabetes and Skin Infections where the pain of nerve damage and foot ulcers can affect both genders of all ages.


Are small, itchy swellings on the skin that occur as a reaction to cold temperatures. They affect the body’s extremities, such as the toes, fingers, heels, ears and nose. Chilblains can be, acute (short-term), developing within 12-24 hours after exposure to the cold and getting better after one to two weeks if you keep warm or chronic, lasting for a minimum of five months a year for the next three years causing persistent sores that can lead to scarring. Who is mainly affected, Chilblains can occur at any age. The condition affects men and women. Certain people, such as people with poor circulation, are more susceptible to chilblains. Chilblains are very common in Northern Europe, where there is damp, cold weather and usually in winter.

Advice: Helping to Preventing Chilblains

The following advice may help. Wear clothes which contain Pure Silver and that warm your hands, feet and legs, wearing long pants or long socks with Natural Silver will help. If you get cold feet in bed, wear a pair of silver socks. Try to keep active, this helps improve your  circulation. Moisturize your feet to stop them drying out and the skin cracking. Make sure your shoes are not damp shoes before wearing them.